The Best Alcohol Rehab Centre in Sydney

  1. Why Australians find effective and affordable treatment for alcohol addiction?
  2. Why do Australian residents choose The Cabin Sydney?
  3. Why The Cabin Sydney is the right alcohol rehab for you?


Why Australians find effective and affordable treatment for alcohol addiction at The Cabin Alcohol Rehab Centre in Sydney, NSW

Known for its ‘party culture’, Australia encourages heavy drinking at most parties, social events, and celebrations. From getting a bonus at work to celebrating the birth of a newborn baby, or simply celebrating the fact that it’s Friday night – alcohol and its use for celebration has a strong presence in Australian culture. And drinking to excess has an even more dominant presence.

Why do Australian residents choose The Cabin Sydney?

The Cabin Sydney offers confidential and effective treatment for persons from all walks of life. Because many of our clients are professionals, discretion is of utmost priority in all cases. At The Cabin Sydney, we offer treatment programmes that fit into our clients’ lives with ease, offering success in both their professional and personal lives. This, coupled with our effective and innovative treatment programme, make us Sydney’s best alcohol rehab and one of the most sought after alcohol rehabs in NSW.

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We are your alcohol rehab solution.

Why The Cabin Sydney is the right alcohol rehab for you?

The Cabin Sydney uses an innovative addiction treatment programme used at The Cabin Addiction Services Group’s centres across the globe. With the introduction of Recovery Zones, combined with CBT and 12 Steps methods, we offer effective, world-class treatment that boasts better success rates than other programmes making us one of the most effective alcohol rehabs in NSW.

A highly skilled team at your service

We take your recovery seriously, which is why we have hand-picked a skilled team of experienced psychiatrists, psychologists and licensed addiction counsellors. In order to better understand you, many of our team members are not only educated in the field of addiction counselling, but have first-had experience as well. This allows our team to be one step ahead – having been through addiction recovery themselves, they can offer personal insight and guidance to many of the difficulties our clients will face.

Convenience and accessibility
Located in the heart of the city, The Cabin Sydney offers world-class, leading addiction treatment in an outpatient setting that allows our clients to maintain full-time jobs and personal or family commitments while getting the treatment they need. Our programmes are flexible, discrete and confidential, giving our clients no excuse not to get help.

If any client at The Cabin Sydney is in need of, or would prefer a full-time, inpatient rehab programme, Sydney clients will be fast-tracked to our luxurious facility The Cabin Chiang Mai, located in northern Thailand.

The Cabin Chiang Mai Residential Rehab

The Cabin Chiang Mai

A popular holiday destination for many Sydney residents, Chiang Mai is also home to The Cabin Addiction Services Group’s residential rehab – a luxurious resort-style inpatient addiction treatment centre. Maintaining a discrete and confidential facility, The Cabin Chiang Mai boasts an exceptional team of Western-trained counsellors and psychologists, as well as a medical team on site 24 hours per day – excellent for those clients needing full-time monitoring or medical supervision. This full-time rehab facility also incorporates physical fitness and mindfulness therapies to further enhance the road to recovery and boasts a 96% completion rate.

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