Heroin Addiction Treatment in Sydney

Why Australians find effective and affordable treatment for heroin addiction at The Cabin Sydney

Heroin is generally thought of as a drug of the younger generation. In Sydney, however, statistics show that the only age group with an increasing heroin overdose mortality rate is between the ages of 40-54 years old. It is estimated that a 3rd of all heroin users in Sydney are middle-aged, and overdose deaths are highest in the late 30s.

Heroin is a highly addictive and very dangerous drug, and while some people may manage to function normally while suffering from heroin addiction, they are by far the minority. Heroin addiction most frequently causes an addict to spiral into a life of stealing, lying, and often homelessness are a result of the need to use the drug at any cost.

If you or someone you love is suffering from heroin addiction, contacting a medical professional is of the utmost importance. Heroin addiction is one of the most fatal drug addictions out there, and the sooner an addict gets help, the better their chances of making a full recovery. At The Cabin Sydney, we offer an initial assessment to help get you started on the path to addiction recovery.


Why do addicts from Sydney seek help at The Cabin?

The Cabin Sydney is a highly reputable addiction treatment programme, based in the heart of the city centre. We offer flexible treatment programmes that allow our clients to book their sessions around their work or private life schedules. We have the utmost respect for our clients’ need for discretion about their heroin addiction and treatment, and thus keep strict confidentiality in high regard.


Our treatment methods

The Cabin Addiction Services Group offers high quality heroin addiction treatment across the globe. Our unique and successful treatment programme combines a method known as the Recovery Zones, with a modern version of the world renowned 12 Steps programme started by Alcoholics Anonymous. Treatment includes group counselling, one-on-one therapy sessions, mindfulness practices and more.

And while outpatient heroin addiction treatment works for many, some clients will need a more intensive, 24-hour care programme. If this is the case, we offer a fast-track service to our residential rehab centre, The Cabin Rehab.

Inpatient care at The Cabin Rehab

The Cabin Chiang Mai

The Cabin Rehab in an internationally accredited rehabilitation centre located in Northern Thailand. Frequented by many Australians and other international clients due to its high standards and affordable treatment, the facility is found nestled amid beautiful subtropical mountains and offers a relaxing and healing environment in which to begin your recovery. Our programme combines Western medicine with Eastern healing practices to create an entire mind, body and soul recovery.

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