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Why Australians find effective and affordable treatment for internet addiction at The Cabin Sydney

Internet addiction, a type of process addiction, is one of the fastest growing addictions around the world, and this is because of an increased exposure and accessibility to the Internet that is the result of the vast technological improvements made in the last decade.

In Australia, 94% of the population are users of the Internet, and while only a small number of these people end up having an Internet addiction, there is an alarming increase in the number of people that do.

Internet addiction can come in many different forms, such as cyber-sex addiction, cyber-relationship addiction, net compulsions, compulsive information overload and online game addiction. It can interfere in every day life, relationships, work and school. This usually happens when the user starts to compulsively go onto the Internet, or finds that they are more comfortable around their online friends than they are with their real-life ones.

Like most addictions, Internet addiction stems from complicated psychological and mental issues, which need to be addressed and treated if the addict wants to recover from their problem. If you think that your internet usage is reaching the point of addiction, it is important that you seek professional help. At The Cabin Sydney we offer an initial assessment to all of our clients.

Why do Australians choose The Cabin Sydney?

The Cabin Sydney is an outpatient addiction treatment centre that focuses on all types of substance and process addictions. Internet addiction is most prevalent through the ages of 17-35, and therefore many of our clients are either at school, university or work. Our flexible scheduling hours allow clients to base their treatment programme around their busy lifestyles, which ensures that the treatment encroaches on their personal lives as little as possible.

At The Cabin Sydney we use a programme known as Recovery Zones, which is a highly-specialised treatment programme used by all of The Cabin Addiction Services Group facilities throughout the world.

We have professional and highly trained staff that have many years experience in dealing with addiction, who assist our clients in designing and implementing a recovery programme that will best suit our individual needs. Along with the Recovery Zones, clients can receive one-on-one counselling, group meetings, family sessions and any medical or physical evaluation that will help to ensure recovery.

At the Cabin Sydney, we are also able to transfer our clients to a high-end, residential addiction treatment facility, The Cabin Chaing Mai, when more intensive treatment programmes are necessary.

Resort-style inpatient addiction treatment at The Cabin Rehab

The Cabin Chiang Mai

The Cabin Chiang Mai is a world-renowned addiction treatment centre based in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Our luxurious facility is located amid the beautiful subtropical mountains of Northern Thailand. Our Staff are all Western accredited and have years of experience in addiction treatment.

Our treatment programme incorporates and combines Recovery Zones with the well-known 12 Steps. We also utilise various holistic healing methods that help to create a well-rounded treatment programme that heals our clients’ minds, bodies and souls. Only a short flight from Australia, The Cabin Chiang Mai is the perfect place for Australians to start their path to recovery.


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