Supporting your Behavioral Health Practice with Addiction Treatment Expertise

As a provider of mental and behavioural health services, you come across people from all walks of life. And your clients or patients come to you with a wide variety of issues for which you aim to provide a comprehensive support and/or treatment plan to help them.

However, all behavioural health professionals and public service providers are typically trained or have the most experience with a particular niche. And for The Cabin Sydney, that niche is addiction treatment – which is why we strive to connect with local health service providers to collaborate in a way that together we can offer people the most comprehensive and effective treatment programme possible.


What Types of Behavioural Health Providers Do We Work With?

Anyone who treats the public for mental and behavioural health is someone that we can work with. However, the following people and groups are the most common:

  1. Psychiatrists
    It is not uncommon for it to come out through treatment that a loved one of a patient is suffering from addiction, or that the patient himself is suffering from what is called a co-occurring disorder (see below). In either case, our long history of experience dealing specifically with addiction can be beneficial in treating these patients and we will work alongside their current psychiatrist to ensure the patient gets the best treatment possible.
  2. Community programmes/Social Workers
    Those who work with programmes that deal with troubled youth or other members of society will frequently come across people who are suffering from addiction or substance abuse. We offer help to these service providers in approaching these addicts in the best way, and of course can provide treatment to those addicted.
  3. Helplines or support groups
    We have much knowledge of and experience treating process addictions including internet addiction, sex addiction, gambling addiction and food addiction. We do our best to connect with support groups in our areas and offer guidance and treatment for those affected by these disorders.



Mental or Behavioural Health and Co-occurring Disorders

Approximately 20% of Australians are affected by some form of mental illness or disorder each year. These illnesses could include anxiety disorder, bipolar disorder and personality disorder among others. It is incredibly common for people who do not receive a proper diagnosis and treatment of their mental health disorder to develop an addiction after attempting to self-medicate with drugs or alcohol.


Creating an Effective Addiction Treatment Programme Together

Addiction can be a tricky illness to treat if you do not have extensive experience with it. There are certain behavioural health patterns that are consistent with all addicts, and they are not always easy to spot if you have not worked with addicts in the past.

We understand that every health professional is trained predominantly in a specific niche. Our specialty is, of course, addiction treatment. At The Cabin Sydney we offer a unique and effective, evidence-based addiction treatment programme run by counsellors with years of experience helping addicts make their way through addiction recovery. Our programme is designed to treat not only substance addictions, but process addictions (sex, internet, food, gambling) as well.

We want to work side by side with you to ensure that your patients get the most comprehensive and well-rounded treatment possible.

If you are interested in learning more about the services we provide or are interested in collaborating with us, our team would be very pleased to speak with you.


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