If you or a loved one is addicted to drugs, going to drug rehab is the most effective way of quitting. But the cost of going for treatment in Australia is often prohibitively expensive.

In this blog, we will look at exactly how much does rehab costs in Australia and also suggest alternatives if you are unable to afford the costs involved.

How Much Does Drug Rehab Cost in Australia?

The Cost of Drug Rehab in Australia

The answer to “How much does drug rehab cost in Australia” varies massively depending on the type of drug rehab you attend. Here are the most popular types of rehab.

Outpatient Rehab

Outpatient drug rehab programmes where clients receive treatments while living at home tend to be less expensive than residential programmes. In Australia, these programmes tend to cost a few thousand dollars per month based on 3 or 4 days of attendance each week.

These types of programmes can be effective for those who have a mild substance addiction, or who have already done work on themselves around their addiction. Outpatient rehabs are not suitable for anyone with a severe addiction, as these addictions usually require detoxification, and come with a period of intense craving, where inpatient treatment is necessary to prevent relapse.

The Cabin operates an outpatient drug rehab programme in Sydney for those with drug addiction in Australia. Our team at our centre here offer treatment for all drugs, including crystal meth, heroin, cocaine and prescription drugs.

Online Rehab

While rehab can be expensive in Australia, it is possible to get treatment for addiction online at a rate much lower than physical rehab. The Cabin offers Australian residents effective drug addiction treatment designed to help those suffering from addiction get to the root of their addiction and go on to live productive lives.

Online counselling for addiction may be the best way for you to recover from addiction if you are unable to afford the cost of rehab, or you do not have enough time to attend a physical rehab location.

Residential Rehab

Residential drug rehab in Australia provides 24-hour care in a live-in facility. These programmes offer the highest level of support for those recovering from drug addiction and are also the most expensive programmes. In Australia, costs for residential rehab start at around 20,000 AUD per month, going up to almost 6 figures.

Luxury Rehab

Some drug rehabs offer luxury programmes that provide clients with upscale accommodation and personalized services. These programmes give clients a higher level of comfort and privacy than standard residential programmes. These types of rehabs often cost hundreds of thousands of dollars per month.

The Cabin Chiang Mai

While a refined environment is not necessary for recovery from drug addiction, we believe that the tranquillity that these settings provide enhances the rehab experience and provides clients with a more pleasant stay, as well as improving long-term treatment outcomes.

At The Cabin rehab in Chiang Mai, we offer clients luxurious facilities without the price tag usually attached with luxury rehabs. Coming to rehab at The Cabin means you get the most effective addiction treatment possible without spending inordinate amounts.

We are able to offer a comprehensive programme with UK-trained specialised therapists, round-the-clock nursing and a dedicated psychiatrist, personal fitness trainers, holistic therapy therapists, a full massage centre onsite, and a full therapeutic approach that combines a tight-knit community and group work with individual bespoke treatment. The programme also includes weekly excursions into nature and that are immersive into Thai culture and this serves to consolidate therapeutic learning effectively. In short, we are able to offer a lot more for less in Thailand compared to what could be offered domestically. 


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Why is Drug Rehab so Expensive in Australia?

By now you will have realised that the answer to “How much does drug rehab cost in Australia?” is “quite a lot.” But why is this? There are good reasons why drug rehab in Australia is so expensive.

Facility Costs

Property is not cheap in Australia, and the cost of buying a rehab facility often comes to tens of millions of AUD. Even when a rehab is leasing a facility the cost is often six figures per month. Rehabs also incur significant costs for maintaining facilities, with repairs costing a significant amount in Australia.

Utilities are also expensive in Australia, and add to the costs incurred to those running the rehab centre.

Security is of course important at rehabs, to ensure the safety of all residents. All drug rehabs in Australia must remain substance-free, so it is important that everyone who visits the rehab is searched. A functioning CCTV system and security staff are of utmost importance, and these are not inexpensive in Australia.

Specialised Care

Drug rehabilitation centres require a multidisciplinary team to provide comprehensive care to those seeking treatment. Drug rehab centres in Australia need trained addiction professionals, including doctors, therapists and counsellors. The cost of hiring these professionals contributes to the overall expense of rehab in Australia.

Treatment Modalities

Effective drug rehabilitation needs evidence-based treatment modalities which are tailored to the client’s needs. All good rehab centres offer medical detoxification, therapy sessions, group counselling and aftercare planning.

Many rehabs also offer recreational activities. These activities are often outside of the grounds of the facility, and offer clients the opportunity to both enjoy themselves away from the rehab and also experience how it feels to not be on drugs in the “real world”.

The modalities all come with their own costs, with the high cost of medical equipment, medications and specialized staff all adding to the expense to the client.

The Cabin Drug Rehab in Chiang Mai, Thailand

 Addiction Treatment at The Cabin Chiang Mai Drug rehab is an essential part of the healing process for addiction, but it is prohibitively expensive for so many. And while if you are living in Australia there are less expensive options for treatment, these rehab centres do not always provide the best level of care for clients.

At our drug rehab centre in Chiang Mai, Thailand, we offer the best of both worlds: a luxurious rehab experience at a reasonable price. For more information on our services, contact us today at +61 1 800 251 994.

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